City League Clubs Begin Second Half

Camden Courier-Post – January 10, 1928

Two Games at Convention Hall Tonight; Two New Clubs Join Circuit

Second-half competition in the Reesman basketball league will begin tonight with a twin bill at Convention Hall.

Thirteenth Ward, which holds the edge in the yet unfinished first-half race, meets the formidable Camden Police quintet. Wayne and Ninth Wail meet in the other tussle.

Two new clubs have joined the league, for the second-half title hunt.

Charley Humes, manager of the Camden Community Club in the County League, will pilot his First Ward club in the municipal loop during the final semester while further interest is assured with the addition of the Central Camden aggregation. These clubs are keen rivals and both boast of strong rosters.

It is understood that Humes will file the names of several players who saw service in the county circuit as members of his old First Ward outfit while others who played with that team are also listed with Central Camden. Albert “Reds” Malloie is boss of the Central outfit and has signed up a classy collection of cagers for this type of play. Grover “Worm” Wearshing, who led Central Camden to the Reesman baseball championship last season, and who is regarded as one of the best backfield performers in this vicinity, is one of the Malloie entrants. Sam Godfrey. A teammate with Wearshing at Temple University, Johnny Chambers, Clayton Phifer, Lucky Mezger, Johnny Morrissey, Tom Tracy, and Ross “Bunny” Blood complete the cast with Malloie.

At the last meeting of the league managers it was decided to reduce the salaries of referees from $5.00 to $3.50 for each night’s work. Officials in the past have handled two games and the same stipulation is required for the lower fee in the second half or the schedule.

All eight of the first half combatants are planning to strengthen their rosters far the final drive. South Camden, Haddon A. A. Radio A.A., St. Paul, Ninth Ward. Camden Police, Wayne, and Fifth Ward are the contenders.

The first contest tonight is timed to start at 8:00.


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