Commission Department Assignments

Camden Courier-Post – June 10, 1960

This is how the departments were assigned to the commissioners Thursday night:

Mayor Pierce, director of public affairs: the director’s office, revaluation program, visiting nurses, public assistance, Camden County Historical Society, charitable institutions, parking authority, civil defense and’ celebration of public events, anniversaries and holidays.

Commissioner Garrity, director of public safety: the director’s office, police bureau, fire bureau, electrical bureau, municipal motors, health department; sanitary control and cemeteries,

Commissioner Italiano, director of, parks and public property: director’s office, public parks, playgrounds, street lighting, bureau of smoke control, municipal welfare, municipal hospital, municipal court, sealer of weights and measures, transportation inspector, board of Alcoholic Beverage Control, public libraries, city baseball league, municipal market, Station WCAM and Convention Hall.

Commissioner Abbott, director of public works: director’s office, city engineer, bureau of highways, bureau of sewers and sewage treatments, streets, bureau of animal welfare, water bureau, plumbing inspector and South Jersey Port Commission.

Commissioner Shepp, director of revenue and finance: director’s office, city comptroller, annual audit, assessor’s office, city counsel, city property, bureau of tax title perfection and redemption, repairs to tax title lien properties, tax office, printing and advertising, publicity and public welfare, planning and housing redevelopment, stationery and supplies, housing and rehabilitation, purchasing bureau, building inspector, city clerk and elections.


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