Ex-Fighters Are Set for Charity Show

Present and past greats of Camden boxing will do their all for charity tomorrow night, when they appear on a card sponsored by the United Democratic Clubs of Camden at the Camden Convention Hall.

Camden Courier Post – December 18, 1939

Jersey Joe Walcott and Roxie Allen in Feature at Civic Hall Tomorrow

Present and past greats of Camden boxing will do their all for charity tomorrow night, when they appear on a card sponsored by the United Democratic Clubs of Camden at the Camden Convention Hall.

Fifteen bouts of three rounds each are scheduled to be held, and the entire proceeds will be used to provide Christmas baskets for Camden’s needy. The boxers and referees have generously donated their services free of charge, and are to be complimented for their willingness to aid a worthy cause.

All 15 bouts are exhibition matches as most of the principals have been out of training for several years. However, they have done their best to get in pretty fair shape during the past two weeks and a number of interesting bouts should be presented.

Jersey Joe Walcott, still in active harness in heavyweight ranks, and Roxie Allen, who 10 years ago was Camden’s leading lightweight but who retired two years ago, hold the feature spot on the card. Allen and Walcott met here about two years ago and he latter knocked out Roxie in the eighth and final round of a scheduled eight-rounder.

However, Walcott held a 25-pound pull in the weights, scaling in around 185, while Allen weighed around 160. Although Walcott eventually knocked out Allen, Roxie had the satisfaction of flooring Jersey Joe in the first round, a left hook to the jaw sending the Negro down for a count of two,

Blairs Box Each Other

Allen quit fighting at this bout, but still is in good physical shape and should be able to box a fast three rounds against Walcott.

Frankie and Mickey Blair, both of South Camden, are two fighters who made names for themselves in out-of-town fights, and are slated to box each other. Frankie, a welterweight, fought his greatest fights in New York in the past two years, while Mickey was of the best featherweights in the East about eight years ago.

Tommy Ricco, another South Camden featherweight, and Mickey and Johnny Duca, both of Paulsboro, are the other three boys who are active in the game. Ricco is due to appear against Mickey Duca, while Johnny Duca squares off against Al White, also of Paulsboro.

The veteran of the card is Battling Mack, one of the finest characters ever to enter the fight game. Mack fought the best featherweights in the East. shortly after the World War. George Chaney, Benny Bass, Kid Wiliams, Johnny Buff, Danny Kramer and Pete Herman were some of the boys Balling met in his prime. He is slated to face Lew Skymer, another South Camdenite who was a favorite with Camden fight addicts.

Hindle Battles Chaney

Jackie Hindle and Eddie Chaney, both local residents; are due to meet. Hindle and Chaney were among the great crop of local lightweights who flourished here in 1926, ’27, and ’28. Allen, Hindle, Chaney, Shamus MaGuire, Charley Mack, White, Lew Jackson, Paddy Lyons, Joe Spearing, and Johnny Attell were included among the group which made boxing a major attraction in this city during those years.

Charley Mack meets Young O’Connor in tomorrow night’s bouts. Jackson mingles with Lyons; Spearing battles Frankie Rapp, downtown southpaw who also fought the best featherweights in the East a few short years ago, and Attell clashes with Billy Marino.

Young Firpo, of Pennsgrove, is known to all South Jersey fight-goers. Firpo, a lightweight, packed a great hook and his record is dotted with knockouts. He will take on Joey Allen, South Camden featherweight who never fought a slow bout and who never side-stepped a match.

Pee Wee Ross undoubtedly was the best banamweight ever developed in this city. Ross fought ’em all 10 years ago and finished with a great record. He meets Bobby Zimmerman, another local product who also was a pleasing performer and who was known as the “buzz saw” because of his rapid-fire punching.

Nick Nichols, one of the hardest-hitting welterweights ever to hold forth here, takes on Tommy McCann, East Camdenite who had one of the best left hands in the city.

Lucas Vs. Straiges

Johnny Lucas, South Camden welterweight who still could go to the wars, faces Joey Straiges, also of South Camden, who also could compete in featherweight ranks if it were necessary for him to continue boxing. In the other bout on the card, Young Palmer and Tommy Dundee, former featherweights, clash.

Jim Braddock, former world heavyweight champion, is expected to be on hand to referee at least one bout. Others invited to referee are:

Sgt. Ray Smith, Harry Shaw, Tom Walters, Al Ettore, Joey O’Donnell, Mike DeLeece, Young Lawrence, Charley Harris, BIll McFarlane and Walter “West” Kennedy.

The committee in charge of the boxing arrangements consists of Caesar Campana, chairman, Dominic Lombardo, Daniel Gallasso, James McSparrin and Paul Daly.


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