Had a Lively Session

Philadelphia Inquirer – December 13, 1894

Sheriff Barrett Says He Will Not Let New Jailers in the Jail

The new Board of Freeholders of Camden county had a lively meeting yesterday. The appointment of jailers for the county prison was the bone of contention. A minority of the Court House Committee recommended the appointment of John Lee, in place of Abel Miller; Frank B. Vache, in place of D. M. Spence: George Lawson, in place of Jailer Johnson, and W. K. Price as as assistant janitor, in palace of James Mortimer.

An animated discussion followed. Director Davis, after calling Freeholder Johnson to the chair, advocated tabling the report until the next meeting. A motion to that effect was lost by a vote of 7 to 12. The report was adopted by a vote of 12 to 9, after an amendment was adopted making Edward Endicott one of the new jailers.

Miller, Johnson and Mortimer, who are turned down by the adoption of the report, were selected by a majority of the Court House Committee at a recent meeting, but their names were not referred to the board.

Jailer Spence was recently appointed by Sheriff Barrett to fill the vacancy caused by the discharge of Samuel B. F. Alcott by the recent Democratic Board of Freeholders. The Sheriff is indignant over the removal of Spense and will not allow the new appointees in the jail. Under the law he is responsible for the safe keeping of prisoners, and he claims that he should have the appointment of at least one jailer.

Simon Kohoet presented to the board a certificate of election as a freeholder from the new borough of Chesilhurst. It was referred to the solicitor for an opinion as to whether or not he was entitled to a seat. Ex-Jailer Samuel B. F Alcott presented a bill for $27 for extra services, which was paid, despite the opposition of W. J. Thompson, who was instrumental in having Alcott discharged from his position.

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