Hartmann Re-Names Lighting Inspector

Camden Courier-Post – February 3, 1938

Williams Appointed to Re port on Relocating Lamps; Ruler Again Raps P.S.

Appointment of John W. Williams, Twelfth ward Republican, as a city street lighting inspector has been announced by Commissioner Frank J. Hartmann.

Williams, who will be compensated on a per diem basis of $4, formerly held a similar position but when the economy salary cuts were established he was employed on it six-months basis and later the post was vacated.

Hartmann said he appointed Williams primarily because a closer inspection of city street lights is important. He said Williams is familiar with all street light locations and is in a position to make adequate reports to him.

Hartmann ordered Williams to inspect all street lighting and make recommendations as to locations where there is inadequate lighting and in sections where lighting can be distributed to serve the largest area without the added expense of new street lights.

Several times the commissioner has complained many street lights are of varying heights, improperly located in need of relocations.

“The city of Camden is no worse off in the matter of street lighting than most other cities,” Hartmann asserted. “Every city at some time has had to curtail street lighting budgets.

“If the cost of street lighting in cities served by Public Service Electric and Gas Company was not exorbitant, Camden and other New Jersey cities could be far better lighted. These excessive rates make it necessary to reduce lighting costs to keep the city tax rate down.”

Commissioner Hartmann yesterday sent State Senator Burling’s bill to enable Camden to borrow money for construction of a light plant to Dr. Clark Foreman, PWA counsel in Washington, for his perusal.


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