Johnny Lucas Defeats Tommy Bashara in Ten-round Windup Match at Arena Here

Camden Courier-Post – August 5, 1933


Lucas Cops Five of Ten Rounds, Divides One With Norfolk Ring Foe


  • Johnny Lucas, 139, Camden, outpointed Tommy Bashara, 140, Norfolk, Va., in 10 rounds.
  • Referee-Gus Waldron, Trenton.
  • Harry Serody, 135, Philadelphia, stopped Marty Haley, 139, Kensington, in fifth round.
  • Joey Allen, 127, Camden, won decision over Mike Palmer, 128, Philadelphia, in six rounds.
  • Terry McGovern, 138, U. S. Marine Corps, knocked out Louis Heinsman, 146, Lindenwold, in fourth round. Time-1 minute 44 seconds.
  • Davey Taylor, 115½, Camden, defeated Mickey Shannon, 114½, Camden, in six rounds.

By TOM RYAN, Courier-Post Sports Editor

A rally in the last two rounds enabled Johnny Lucas, blond Whitman Park junior welterweight, to gain the referee’s decision over Tom­my Bashara, of Norfolk, Va., in the feature 10-rounder at Grip’s Pennsauken township open-air Arena last night.

About 1000 of the faithful turned out to witness the encounter.

Lucas was credited with five rounds, Bashara won four, while one was even. However, Lucas won the ninth round by a wide margin and also won the final round with plenty to spare. Johnny also shaded Bashara in the second, third and sixth, while the Virginian showed to advantage in the first, fourth, fifth and eighth rounds, with the seventh being even.

Lucas‘ best round was the ninth in which he belabored Bashara with volleys of rights and lefts to both the head and body, forcing Tommy to try to hold during the session. Several rights to the jaw spun Tommy on his heels and he appeared tired at the end of the round.

The Whitman Parker took up where he left off at the start of the tenth and also won the round by a clear cut margin. He smothered the stubby Norfolk youngster under a body attack, and a right cross also drew the claret from Bashara’s nose.

Bashara’s best round was the fourth in which he cuffed Lucas a about the head with a flurry of punches and also got home a number of hard rights to the body.

The last two rounds made the fight, as both boys were guilty of holding in the earlier rounds. Both tied each other’s right up in the clinches and Referee Gus Waldron experienced difficulty in breaking them. Bashara had the better of the going when they fought “inside” in the early rounds, but Johnny more than overcame Tommy’s advantage in the last two rounds, making Bashara hold when they came to close quarters.

Serody Stops Haley

Harry Serody, 135, of Philadelphia, scored a technical knockout over, Marty Haley, 139, of Kensington, in the fifth round of the scheduled eight-round semi-final bout. Referee Gus Waldron stopped the bout after Haley went down twice from body blows.

Haley was no match for the clever Serody, who won as he pleased. Serody scored nine-count knockdowns in the fourth and fifth rounds, before Waldron stopped the bout after Haley again went down for a count of two.

When Haley arose he complained of pains in the left kidney and Waldron halted the scrap.

Allen Beats Palmer

Joey Allen, 127, of Camden, easily outpointed Mike Palmer, 128, of Philadelphia, in the main preliminary of six rounds.

Allen won every round by wide margins and forced the fight through­out. The Camden Italian staggered Palmer in the first, fourth, fifth and sixth rounds, but could not bring him to the mat. Palmer bled from the nose from the second round on.

Although he spotted Lou Heinsman, 146, of Lindenwold, six pounds Terry McGovern, 138, of the U.S. Marine Corps, knocked out the Lin­denwold mauler in one minute and 44 seconds of the fourth round of the second fight.

Heinsman missed a terrific right to the jaw and McGovern crossed his right to the same spot to flatten Lou for the full count. Heinsman won the first round, but McGovern carried the second and third.

Davey Taylor, 115, of Camden, out-punched Mickey Shannon, 114, also of Camden, in the opening match of six rounds. Taylor won every round, centering his attack on Shannon’s body.


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