Pancoast Proves 3.2 Beer Did Not Make Man Tipsy

Police Judge Pancoast is firmly convinced that 3.2 beer is not intoxicating. He emphatically expressed himself so to George Shuts, 34, of 410 Birch Street, Saturday when Shuts, who was charged with drunkenness, said he had been drinking beer. Detective Clifford Carr said he found the man “down and out.”

“You never got in the condition in which you were found by drinking 3.2 beer,” the court said. “Right now in New York there is a drinking contest being waged in which the contestants have been drinking a bottle of beer every 15 minutes for the past two weeks and they are not drunk yet.”

Shuts then admitted that he had “a few liquors” on top of the beer.

“I thought so,” Judge Pancoast said. “The man who be comes intoxicated on the new beer is either very weak physically or very imaginative mentally.”

He suspended sentence on Shuts with the admonition to “stick to the 3.2.”


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