Kobus Leadership Wins New Support

Camden Courier-Post – February 3, 1938

Westfield Avenue G. O. P. Club Authorizes Recognition by Ward Representatives

Authorization to the two Republican county committee members of the Eleventh ward to recognize Commissioner Mary W. Kobus as the leader of the Republican party in the city and county, and endorsement of former Senator Albert S. Woodruff for the vacancy on the Delaware River Joint Commission, were voted last night by the Westfield Avenue Republican Club.

Action of the Westfield Avenue club, follows, similar action by the Twelfth Ward Republican Club.

The resolution directing the county committeeman and woman, Charles Goeltz and Mrs. Catherine H. Harper to support Mrs. Kobus in the county committee follows:

“Whereas the Republican party in Camden city and county is in need of definite progressive leadership, and whereas Charles M. Goeltz and Catherine H. Harper have been ignored in the organization of the city and county committee, be it resolved that the Westfield Avenue Republican Club endorse the outstanding leadership abilities of Commissioner Mary W. Kobus, and here by authorize Mr. Goeltz and Mrs. Harper to recognize and follow Mary W. Kobus as leader of the Republican party in the city and county.”

The resolution was adopted on motion of Earl Bonner and seconded by James Taylor.

The· motion to endorse Woodruff, who has been offered as a candidate for a vacancy on the bridge commission, which former U. S. Senator David Baird Jr. also is seeking after filling the place on an ad interim appointment by former Governor Hoffman was passed unanimously. The motion was by John Harper and seconded by William Kile.

Camden county’s legislative delegation is to be notified of the Woodruff endorsement.


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