Kobus Made Leader by 12th Ward G.O.P

Camden Courier-Post – February 3, 1938

Club’s Move Will Settle City and County Priority, Colsey Asserts

Recognition of City Commissioner Mary W. Kobus as the Republican leader of Camden city and county was urged by members of the Twelfth Ward Republican Club.

A motion calling for the action was introduced by Police Chief Arthur Colsey, former president of the club, and was approved unanimously by the 30 members present. It was seconded by City Clerk Clay W. Reesman.

The club, according to President Benjamin Hardy, has a membership of more than 180.

While there was no discussion of the motion, it was offered, Colsey said “to clarify an irritable situation..”

“For months,” he said, “our county committee members, Martin Segal and Miss Dorothy MacIlvain, have been trying to figure out just, who is the leader of the Republican party in the city and county.

“Neither knew just whom to see about patronage distribution or any thing else, as far as that goes. It got where something had to be done.

“Mrs. Kobus is popular with Twelfth Ward Republicans and others living. there, and she exercises much strength in Republican affairs, local and state.

“‘Members of the club, after considerable deliberation and discussions, decided we should recognize her as city and county leader. Accordingly I offered the motion to that effect last night.”

Asked if other Republican clubs of the city and county would be called upon by his club to take similar action, Colsey said he could not answer.

“We have put our selves on record for Mrs. Kobus as the city and county leader,” he said. “What the other clubs do is their business.”


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