Lucas in Killing Mood for Bashara Battle

Camden Courier Post – August 3, 1933

Whitman Parker Has Yet to Win Decision Over Two Norfolk, Va. Brothers

Serody Meets Haley

Another home town boxing product gets an opportunity to establish himself as a favorite with the fans tomorrow night at Grip’s Pennsauken township open-air arena.

Johnny Lucas, Whitman Park junior welterweight, is the boxer in question. Lucas is scheduled to clash with Tommy Bashara, of Norfolk, Va., in the feature 10-rounder on the Camden Sporting Club’s second weekly show. An eight-round semi-final and three six-rounders complete the card.

The main event is expected to attract a larger crowd than attended last week’s show, as there are strained feelings between the principals, who engaged in an eight-round draw at Norfolk about a year ago. In addition, Bashara’s brother, “Toots” twice was awarded decisions over Lucas in recent months, with the result that Lucas will be in a killing mood when he again encounters Tommy.

According to Anthony Georgette, Lucas’ manager, Johnny is in prime physical fettle and is determined to make his first impression on the Bashara family.

“Perhaps I’m partial to Lucas, but I was not alone in thinking that Johnny should have been given the decision over “Toots” in their last fight at Wilmington, Delaware,” Georgette said today.

“Almost the entire crowd thought Lucas had won as he dropped Bashara twice, still the judges gave Bashara the best of it,” Georgette continued. “I guess the judges failed to take into consideration the two knockdowns otherwise, Bashara never had a chance to win.

“Anyway, Lucas lost the decision and still is ‘peeved’ about the result. He is in perfect shape for this fight and expects to win decisively over Tommy despite the fact that the latter gave him a great fight last year.

“Lucas is in as good shape for this fight as he was when he surprised everybody by getting a draw with Johnny Jadick. I was ‘ribbed’ unmercifully for taking the fight, but I knew that Lucas had improved greatly and also that he was ‘in the pink.’

“Johnny still is ‘hot’ about his last bout with ‘Toots’ Bashara and plans to get a measure of revenge by handing Tommy a good licking. Lucas will make a fight of it and if Tommy also is willing to stand and fight it out, he’s likely to be on his back long before the 10th round rolls around,” Georgette concluded.

That’s how Lucas’ skipper feels about the forthcoming scrap and if Bashara, who is fast and a good puncher, elects to stand and trade punches the fuss should be an exciting brawl and Lucas also is clever and packs a stiff punch in both hands.

Harry Serody, agile Philadelphian, is billed to meet Martin Haley, of Kensington, in the eight-round semi­final.

Joey Allen, South Camden Italian, faces Mike Palmer, of Philadelphia, in the main preliminary of six rounds. In the other two six-rounders, Lou Heineman, of Lindenwold, takes on Terry McGovern of the United States Marine Corps, and Davey Taylor, of South Camden, clashes with Mickey Shannon, another local product.


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