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Camden Courier-Post – June 7, 1933

Marlton Man Found Guilty in 20 Minutes After $2200 Theft

It took a jury in Criminal Court only 20 minutes yesterday afternoon to return a verdict of guilty against Joseph Dombrowski, 39, of Marlton, also known as Adolph Bachynsky, charged with larceny of $2200 from Samuel Schultz, of 738 Fern Street. Judge Samuel M. Shay, before whom the case was heard, will impose sentence later.

Dombrowski or Bachynsky was arrested on a farm in Delaware Township last April 23, after being sought since January 28, 1932, when he is alleged to have worked an old flim-flam game on Schultz.

Dombrowski testified yesterday he and Schultz had known each other for some time and that Schultz took the money from a bank "because he wanted to go in business."

At the time of his arrest, detectives said that Dombrowski and another man were introduced to Schultz by a "con" man. Dombrowski’s companion, it is alleged, offered to show Schultz how to double his money by the simple expedient of placing bills between blank paper and retrieving the blank paper as perfect bills after use of a chemical agent. Schultz said Dombrowski and his companion left with his $2200 while he was under the impression that a cheesecloth bag left behind in his home contained the $2200 and an additional $2200.


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