Merchants Open Co-Operative Sale in Camden Today

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Camden Courier-Post – June 15, 1933

Participating Stores Cut Prices Despite Increases in Wholesale Values


Today opens what probably will be the greatest community sales event in local history. It has been planned for many weeks by a number of prominent retail merchants and local manufacturers on a basis of seasonal merchandise at prices which prevailed prior to the recent advances in wholesale costs.

With thousands of South Jersey people recently re-employed and many factories working with capacity forces, in some instances on all overtime basis, the offering of merchandise at pre-inflation prices is performing a worthy service for many who have, for some time, been without employment. To all others, the “Co-operation Days” sales event presents an opportunity to get the utmost value for their dollars by exchanging them for all types of commodities on which wholesale prices have materially risen.

An excellent idea of just how substantially wholesale costs have increased– and why, of necessity, such increases must be quickly passed along to the retail buyer—is evidenced by the fact that woolens are quoted 50 percent higher; printcloths, 75 percent; copper, 60 percent; and so on throughout the whole range of raw and manufactured materials that enter into practically everything used in daily life.

Price Rises General

Coupled with these rising wholesale costs, and of course responsible for them is the tremendous demand and the spirit of co-operation with the policies of President Roosevelt. Substantial wage increases have been put into effect in textile mills and many other lines of manufacturing endeavor.

Activity in cotton mills was reported, last week at the highest level in years and compared favorably with the best employment records in the history of the industry. Steel mills are operating at their highest level since 1931 and freight car loadings are exceeding last year’s figures, Building activity is at the highest level since 1931. Grain prices have shown a tremendous rise, as have beef, sugar, coffee and a score of other commodities.

More than 500 banks have been reopened throughout the country, many with restrictions lifted; during the past six weeks. All of these things are rapidly restoring public confidence and pointing the advisability of purchasing the things needed, or wanted, before prices go higher.

Camden is particularly fortunate in having a group of far-seeing retailers who, in the face of constantly lowering price levels for the last few years, were still willing, during this event, to continue to sell their present stocks at the lowest level of prices which have prevailed during the past 20 years.

‘Aid Horne Industry’

One of the popular slogans. of the “Co-operation Days” event is “Buy What Your Neighbor Makes,” and is a feature worthy of the most sincere consideration of everyone living in South Jersey. The more of those things made in local factories that are purchased locally, the greater the rate of employment and scale of wages paid to residents, friends and relatives employed by these industries. Their salaries and wages are in turn, spent for merchandise and services of local business people thus creating an endless chain that works for the greatest good of the greatest number at all times.

It is anticipated that the sales volume recorded in the stores of the merchants sponsoring this event today, Friday and Saturday will exceed the best three-day period in their history. Entertainment features are being provided to give a holiday atmosphere to the Camden business district. Street flags are being put up and participating stores are well decorated with “Co-operation Days” window cards and pennants.

At 11.30 today Clyde Beatty, famous youthful wild animal trainer of the Hagenbeck- Wallace circus will stage a wrestling match with a “Depression” Tiger on the steps of City Hall and will tour the Camden business district garbed in the uniform he wears when staging his famous daily battle with numerous lions and tigers. Senate President Emerson L. Richards will deliver an opening address on the City Hall plaza at 12 noon and the Veterans of Foreign Wars, Camden Post No. 980 popular band will play a number of selections..


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