Missing Girl Weds Bandit on Way to Pen

Bandit Wedding - AI Stock Photo

Camden Courier-Post – October 23, 1931

Bridegroom Linked in Ashenfelter Case; Mother Faints


A prisoner in the Camden county jail awaiting removal today to state prison, married his sweetheart yesterday afternoon.

Last flight the bride was reported as having been missing from her home in Westville Grove for two days.

The bride is Mary Lillie, 22, of Second and Cedar Avenues, Westville Grove, and here mother with the same name, was almost frantic when informed by a reporter from the Courier-Post of the marriage.

The bridegroom, Frank Tiedeman, 18, of 820 Beideman Avenue, was sentenced to five years in prison when he pleaded non vult to four robberies and carrying concealed deadly weapons, by Judge Samuel M. Shay last Monday.

Tiedeman was a member of the “North Cramer Hill gang,” two of whom participated in the robbery in which one bandit was killed after wounding City Detective Robert Ashenfelter.

The marriage was performed by Rev. Carlton R. Van Hook, of First M. E. Church, at the request of the prisoner.

Mary is a dressmaker. She is the sole support of her mother and two unemployed brothers. The family lives in meager circumstances. The bride’s weekly wage is their only provender.

Last night, it was learned the mother had heard from neighbors that her daughter loved Frank. Mary had expressed it by saying “I will wait ten years or longer, if he is found guilty and sent to jail”

Mrs. Little, however, laughed it off. She didn’t believe Mary would marry Tiedeman.

When she heard the news she almost collapsed.

She told a reporter she would “report it to the police” and have a search made for Mary.

The girl left home Tuesday.

Mary’s two brothers, George and Edward, last night started to hunt for their sister and will order her home, if successful in their effort to locate her.

The others receiving sentences with Tiedeman were David Allaband, H. Gordon McCrea and Melbourne James. The last two, each got five years apiece and Allaband 6 years.


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