Moore Lawyers to Watch Vote Here

Camden Courier-Post – October 31, 1931

More Than 80 to Be on Hand From North Jersey, Mrs. Hyland Says

More than 80 lawyers from North Jersey counties will invade Camden on election day to protect the interest at the polls here of former Governor A. Harry Moore, Democratic gubernatorial candidate, Mrs. Emma E. Hyland state committeewoman, announced last night.

"Mr. Moore has found it necessary to take this means because of past election frauds in the third, fifth and eighth wards of Camden," Mrs. Hyland said. She spoke to 400 persons at a combined meeting of the Home Rule Republican Club, Pennsauken Civic League, Pennsauken Independent Republican Club, and Pennsauken A. Harry Moore Club, conducted at 630 Westfield Avenue, Pennsauken.

"It is necessary to do this if our candidate is to have an honest election in Camden," she said. "Every effort has been made to prevent these disorders and the courts have been fit to deny the protection to which Mr. Moore is entitled. In every case of detected fraud or violation of the election laws at the polls, these lawyers will seek jail terms for the offenders."

"Every voter can rest assured that his interest will be protected by these lawyers. If any man or woman is intimidated by a Republican worker, hoodlum, or policeman these lawyers will be at hand to see that offenders are dealt with severely."


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