“Mose” Flannery Released on Bail

Camden Evening Courier – January 19, 1928

Shay Signs Order After $5000 Bond is Posted in 6th Ward Fuss

Joseph ‘Mose’ Flannery, declared by detectives to have precipitated the battle in the Sixth Ward Republican Club which resulted in the slaying of Joseph Cimini last Saturday, was released from the Camden county jail us afternoon under $5,000 bail.

Samuel Orlando, attorney for Flannery walked into Camden Criminal Court with an order for Flannery’s release, which was immediately signed by Judge Samuel M. Shay. Bond was furnished by Flannery’s brother, James, who lives at 1123 Princess Avenue.

Flannery has been accused as an accessory to the murder of Cimini by Joseph “Polack Joe” Deven and also as a material witness. He was also charged with carrying concealed deadly weapons and with attempted hold-up and with assault and battery with intent to kill, the latter accusations coming in connection with two other cases. The bail bond signed by Judge Shay covers all the charges.

Alone among those who were’ taken into custody for the fatal shooting last Saturday morning, Flannery had refused to make any statement to detectives. His replay to all questions has been “See my attorney Sam Orlando.” Until today, however, it was not definitely known if Orlando had been retained to represent Flannery.

Arrested with Flannery and accused on the same charges, Russell Sage, taxicab driver, remains in jail as does Deven, the latter being held on a murder charge. Other material witnesses to the shooting are out on bail of $1,000 each.

The order for bail for Flannery, it was learned, was obtained from Prosecutor Ethan P. Wescott by the accused man’s brother. After his clients release, Orlando said he had “no comment to make on the case at the present time.”


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