Mrs. Roosevelt in Camden, Denies Son Has No. 2 Picked

Camden Courier-Post – June 10, 1933

First Lady, Changing Planes Here, Says All Kinds of Reports About Elliott May Now Be Expected

Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt was a visitor for a second time yesterday at Central Airport, on her return plane trip to Washington after visiting her son, Elliott, on the west coast.

The nation’s first lady successfully parried questions concerning rumors that her son contemplated marrying again after he is divorced by his wife at Reno.

“They’re still married, you know,” was her answer.

The plane which bore Mrs. Roosevelt here arrived at 11.53 a.m. and took off four minutes later. Surrounded by newspaper women, Mrs. Roosevelt chatted of everyday happenings and then hurriedly joined other passengers as the signal “allaboard” was given. I have enjoyed my trip immensely,” she said laughing as she pressed a handkerchief to perspiring brow. “I should much rather be up there, it is so much cooler than on the ground.”

Other passengers on the plane brushed shoulders with Mrs. Roosevelt at the airport waiting station as though they were unaware that she was the First Lady.

Mrs. Roosevelt, after her usual fashion, was dressed plainly. She wore a blue dress, low-heeled shoes and carried a small brown leather bag to which she clung tightly as though It -were In danger of slipping from her grasp.

Mrs. Roosevelt flew from Camden to Newark, where she was again questioned.

Asked about the possibility of an announced romance after the divorce Mrs. Roosevelt commented “Well, the Lord knows. These youngsters nowadays- they get engaged 15 or 20 times, and it doesn’t mean a thing. Elliott posed for pictures with some movie actress – I don’t remember what her name is – and immediately the newspapers had him engaged.”

Asked specifically if Elliott plans to marry Ruth Goggins. 25-year-old brunette of Forth Worth, Texas, the President’s wife said:

“I suppose that at a time like this there would be reports that he was going to marry 10 different people.” Mrs. Roosevelt told of the lack of harmony which brought the rift between, Elliott and his wife.

“They were absolutely incompatible. They were incompatible from the start. I could have told them that before they were married, but you know how children are. But there is no hard feeling between them. In fact, Elizabeth is coming up to our camp this Summer.

“They will reach an agreement on the disposition of the grandchild, of course. The child is our grandchild.”


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