Mystic’s ‘Library’ is Full of Weird Jargon

Mystic Stock Photo

Camden Courier-Post – April 10, 1925

‘Cures’ Told in Old Recipe Book

A weird “library” of “voodoo literature” was discovered by the police in the strangely under-tunneled and unusually equipped home and offices of “Doctor” H.H. Hyghcock, 413-415 Liberty Street.

In many “composition books” like those used by school children, the negro voodoo doctor had amassed innumerable recipes for love charms, “safety charms,” “success charms,” list of “enemies” and entries of bills for “services” and payments thereon.

Some of these entries are in apparently meaningless code letters. Others are barely readable because of bad spelling and grammar; and still others are clearly readable, but unprintable.

Following are some excerpts from the “accounts” of the “medicine man.”

To Mrs. Hyghcock from “Amanda,” 160 Rose Street, Philadelphia:

“Dear Mother — I’ll write you to let you hear from me I have been very sick since I has seen you. I hope you are well and family I has been so I could walk. Will you please tell papa to take out of the wall that he put in XXXs for me that Sunday by then I believe that if he will take them out I will get all right now and will be able to come over and see you. I am tyed up. Please for God’s sake mother please get him to do it just as soon as you get this letter. Will you please, So no more, Amanda.”

Chart of Outgoing

Scribbled on bit of notepaper under heading “Chart of Outgoing:”

“In the name of the father, son, and holy spirit, you devil, you, I want you to go just as far as God O Mighty’s win and water and fire can possibly carry, who carry you away no more no more to return throughing over your shoulder holding your right hand, Wheel turn quick Don’t look back March away.”

“Mrs. Laura Verlander, husband policeman, Edward Verlander, b g 6 mo. 3 c h m or else did.”

From same book:

  • “Mary and Jim both- 2 go. Elva Franklin friend O Mattie Hartzog m 2 b g o 3 b conquered”
  • “Robert Curvin- came back for unjust money 2 die and set live sun of danger”
  • “Mrs. Katie Gibson husband a l f g b x 2 b ruined”
  • “Mrs. Jacob Grimm, Swedesboro N.J. y o b g i e 2 d d not 2 1”


“Mrs. Lockwood 1355 Markoe Street, Pa, condition concerning an enemy unknown to me. I am blocked. Seems I can’t get any headway. Make money, but I can’t tell where it goes. Never still always dissatisfied. Enemies names Annie Victor, Hanna Hotten. Case $35.03. Paid $5.05”


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