National Puzzlers to Hold Semi-Annual Session Here

Camden Courier-Post – February 20, 1936

Amateur Creators of Brain Twisters Open Three-Day Conclave Tomorrow

Mrs. Kobus to Greet Delegates onArrival

Puzzledom, that world of crypto-grams, psychology and pseudonyms, will have its capital in Camden beginning and continuing through Sunday. It will be the 105th semi-annual convention of the National Puzzlers’ League, Inc.

Back in 1926, sesquicentennial year of American Independence, the puzzlers held their 86th semi-annual convention here. The fact Joseph Kobus, retired Broadway merchant, is a charter member of the organization, founded in 1883, and that his wife, City Commissioner Mary W. Kobus, is now first vice president, may have had something to do with the selection of Camden for both gatherings. Mrs. Kobus was president in 1929.

Close to 100 members, from all sections of the country east of the Mississippi, are expected. Convention headquarters are to be in the Walt Whitman Hotel. The membership includes, besides amateur puzzle creators, affiliated with regional puzzlers’ clubs, many of the best known contributors of puzzle ideas to magazines and newspapers.

Have Pseudo Names in puzzledom each is known by a pseudonmy, self-chosen. Mrs. Kobus, for instance, is H. S. Law, which is a reverse spelling of her name before marriage, Walsh. Commissioner Kobus — beg pardon, H. S. Law — is chairman of the reception committee which will welcome members as they arrive tomorrow afternoon and night. Many attractive entertainment features will be crowded into the two-day session.

On the convention program for Saturday morning is a meeting of the organization’s board of trustees. Then, following a scenic automobile trip, the opening session of the convention will be held from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM. A theatre party and a banquet will conclude the day’s activities.

Features of Sunday’s program, after breakfast and church services, will be a puzzle broadcast from Station WCAM at 11:00 AM, the closing session of the convention in the afternoon, to be followed by award of a cup to the winner of a puzzle contest.

WPA Band to Play

Sunday evening there will be a meeting of the MMM, Minute Men of Mystery, an organization within the league, followed by a dinner and “surprises.” The WPA leisure time band, directed by Joseph Fuhrman, will give a musical program at the hotel for the benefit of the visitors Saturday night.

“It has been generally agreed by discerning critics that Puzzledom, as we know it, received a big upward life toward a higher and better organized plane by reason of a historic meeting here in 1926,” Mrs. Kobus said, “and we hope the coming session win prove just as brilliant.” Other officers of the league are: Charles Jacobsen (Oedipus), of Whitestone NY, president; Paul E. Thompson (Blackstone), Cleveland Heights OH, second vice president; Lewis Trent (C. Saw), New York NY, secretary; John Q. Boyer (Primrose), Baltimore MD, treasurer; Rufus T. Strohm (Arty Ess), Scranton PA, official editor, and J. H. Wickham (Wick O’Cincy), Cincinnati OH, Ohio trustee.


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