Negro Voodoo Dug In Toils of Police

Human bones and other gruesome articles were found in caves and passages under the home of H. H. Hyghcock,.

Helena Independent, Helena Montana, April 10, 1925

By Associated Press.

Camden, N. J., April 9—Bones believed to be those of humans and other gruesome articles in caves and passages under the home of H. H. Hyghcock, a negro voodoo doctor, and the statement of his seven-year-old daughter that he had killed a woman two weeks ago and buried her, caused Hyghcock to be held today without bail for court.

Detectives said they found a baby grave in a funnel leading from the cellar.

Failing to find the body of a woman, they again questioned the Hyghcock child who told them she had seen the body removed from the house late at night. She was unable to give the date.

The detectives said that in each of the underground passages they had found something calculated to cause horror or fright.

In the largest chamber, doll-like heads covered with phosphorus and minus bodies were suspended from the ceiling.

Hyghcock was arrested on complaint of Mrs. Lottie Ingram, a negress, who said she had paid him $25 to cure her of a heart ailment, She declared that after her experiences in the underground chambers, she became worse. The prisoner declined to make any statement when questioned by the police.


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