Over the River

Philadelphia Inquirer – March 21, 1874


… Last evening the annual missionary sermon of the New Jersey Conference was preached in the Third
Street M. F. Church, on the occasion of the Missionary Society’s anniversary.

Hon, John H. Jones, mayor of Camden, has appointed the following gentlemen who will constitute the police force of Camden; They will enter upon their duties on the 1st of April: Chief of Police, Col. William H. Hempsing. Policemen First Ward, Jolin Dunn, Jom McCormick. Becond, George W. Gardner, Joseph Pike; Third, William Hartman, Isaac Hires, Fourth, George B. Anderson, George Tenner, Fifth, Benjamin Smith, Patrick Gallagher; Sixth, Thos. Heffernan, Joseph H. Sloan; seventh. Charles Smith, Frank Souders; Eighth, F, Chamberlain, Issac Ferris.

…Three men, giving their names as Daniel Henry, William Henry, and John Walters, were arrested yesterday afternoon for drunken and disorderly conduct and assaulting some colored persons. They were arraigned before the mayor and committing magistrate who imposed a fine and costs, and in default of payment they were locked up. Daniel Henry had a Park guard lieutenant’s badge on him at the time.

…The earnings of the Camden and Atlantic Railroad for 1873 were $606,996.63, an increase over the preceding year of $41,960. The cost of operating the road was $298,406.72. The number of through passengers carried was 93,858; way passengers, 302,202 1/2; on excursions, 67,648; tons of freight, 104,540 3/4. During the year the company added two first-class locomotives to their road, at a cost of $27,450. The cost of construction and equipment during the year was $89,037.77. Eight first-class new cars have been added to the rolling stock; also ten new eight-weel box cars, three eight-wheel freight cars, and one timber truck.

There are at the hpresent time within the bounds of the New Jersey Conference 3556 probationers, 27,592 full members, 195 local preachers, 250 churches, with an approximate value of $1,728,650.

The bill to divide Camden county has been finally defeated in the House of Assembly, where it originated.

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