Pardons Court Spurns Plea to Parole Mrs. Lilliendahl; Roxie Allen May Be Freed

Camden Courier Post – June 9, 1933

Prison Officials Decline Comment on Report Camden Boxer May Be Released Today; 92 of 612 Appeals Succeed

Trenton, June, 8,-Mrs. Margaret Lilliendahl of Vineland, who has served six of ten years for the man slaughter of her husband, Dr. A. William Lilliendahl, today lost a second opportunity for freedom.

The New Jersey Court of Pardons refused to grant her a parole. A similar application last fall also had been turned down.

Dr. Lilliendahl was slain on a lonely road near Hammonton in September, 1927. His wife was convicted with Willis Beach, 50, South Vineland poultry farmer. He was sentenced to ten years as her accomplice and died at the state prison hospital October 13, 1930. Mrs. Lilliendahl has been serving her term at the Clinton reformatory for women.

It was reported that the pardons court had granted a parole to Rocco Auletto, 24, known as “Roxie” Allen, well known Camden boxer who was sentenced March 25, 1931 to serve four years for holdup in Atlantic City. Officials at the State Prison said they were unable to confirm this or the rumor that “Roxie” was to be released tomorrow.

The court refused to parole Samuel “Cappy” Hoffman, of Atlantic City, serving seven years for possession of narcotics and operating a gambling establishment. Tewfik Baroody, who was sentenced with Hoffman to seven years on the same charges, was paroled last November.

Seven South Jersey prisoners serving terms for murder were among 92 who were granted paroles. The court heard 612 appeals, The South Jersey men are:

  • Harvey Davis, sentenced from Camden County in 1920 for life.
  • John Idler, also sentenced from Camden County in 1920 for life.
  • Joseph Schierpa, sentenced from Camden County in 1920 for 20 years.
  • William Turner, sentenced from Cumberland County in 1922 for 20 years.
  • Leroy Smith, sentenced from Atlantic County in 1923 for from 20 to 30 years.
  • Fred A. Williams, sentenced from Atlantic County in 1920 for 20 years.
  • Andrew Lever, sentenced from Mercer County in 1919 for 20 years.


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