Camden Courier-Post – October 13, 1939

Don’t be misled– the title does not refer to this article or the column. Our recent reference to City Commissioner E. George Aaron and his efforts to aid in eliminating pollution of the Delaware river brought a note from Helen Moran Warren, counselor-at-law, and a grand friend of ours.

Mrs. Moran enclosed a clipping of a column from the Brooklyn Eagle. The article was an interview with her daddy, Eugene F. Moran, of Brooklyn, N. Y., who is referred to in the article as “No. 1 harbor expert of the United States.”

Pop Moran is owner and operator of a large fleet of seagoing tugs in New York. In the interview Mr. Moran told the columnist, Mr. Heffernan, that shad are beginning to run again in the North River after an absence of several years. Maybe they are fugitives from the Delaware.


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