Roxie Allen Freed, Will Re-enter Ring

Camden Courier Post – June 10, 1933

Former Camden Boxer Paroled After Serving Two of Four-Year Sentence

Roxie Allen came home yesterday, sans the rough and reckless spirit of the youthful ring warrior who went to state prison more than two years ago.

He left behind him the “number” by which he was known in the “Big House” at Trenton and returned as Rocco Auletto. Also discarded with the number was the care-free air that was a chief characteristic of the colorful battler around whom flocked thousands of sport fans in this city a few years ago.

The transformation in Roxie seems to be complete. None the less eager to spend his vast store of energy he now is serious to a depth that surprises those who greeted a solemn man in place of the precocious boy they saw “go up the river.”

Allen, who was sentenced to serve four years on March 25, 1931, on holdup charges, was granted a parole Thursday by the Court of Pardons. He was one of 92 who bade farewell to Col. Edward B. Stone, warden, and Col. George L. Selby, chief deputy warden. The. court granted 114 paroles of 612 applicants. Seventeen will be freed in September.

Roxie, who is 24, was greeted by Mike DeLeece, his manager, when Allen fought in the ring as a welterweight.

Allen with four others was convicted in Atlantic county common pleas court on charges of holding up a craps game in a Vineland pool room.

DeLeece said Allen is anxious to re-enter the ring. He will be ready to go back in the ring within two weeks,” DeLeece stated. Allen weighs about 160 pounds, is browned by outdoor work as a trusty and has kept in ring training, participating in bouts within the prison. Previous to serving at Trenton, Allen was at the Bordentown State Prison Farm.

Another boxer, Jackie Hindle, who served as a Camden policeman, was reported paroled yesterday. This could not be confirmed last night.


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