School Board Again Names Mrs. Kobus

Camden Courier-Post – Feburary 2, 1938

First 1938-39 Session Votes Unanimously for Her to Remain President

City Commissioner Mary W. Kobus yesterday was unanimously re-elected president of the Camden Board of Education at the 1938-39 board’s organization meeting. The board also unanimously named George I. Shaw as vice president in one of the’ most harmonious sessions in years.

Two new members, Mrs. George W. Tash and Samuel T. French Jr., took their seats, succeeding Samuel E. Fulton and William B. Sullender.

Mrs. Kobus called the old board to order at 12:10 p. m. Present were Mrs. Alice K. Predmore, Robert Burk Johnson, Carlton W. Rowand and Shaw. The 1937-38 board immediately adjourned sine die.

Called ‘Outstanding Woman’

E. George Aaron, an old member, arrived a few minutes later and the meeting of the new board was called by Albert Austermuhl, secretary, as president pro tem. Dr. Henry Wisniewski, a holdover member, was not present.

After Mrs. Tash and French took their seats, Mrs. Predmore moved for re-election of Mrs. Kobus for president as “the most outstanding woman in Camden, who has served the board well and faithfully.” Mrs. Tash seconded the motion and Aaron moved the nominations be closed.

Mrs. Kobus, expressing her pleasure to serve again as president, said she was happy to greet the new members and paid tribute to Fulton and, Sullender for their service on the board.

Rowand nominated Shaw, and Aaron seconded the nomination.

Mrs. Kobus appointed Mrs. Predmore and Aaron to the Board of School Estimate.

New Committees Named

The following committees were appointed:

Property — Shaw, chairman; Rowand, Wisniewski and Mrs. Tash.

Teachers — Rowand, chairman; Mrs. Predmore, Shaw, Aaron and Johnson.

Finance — Wisniewski, chairman; Aaron, Mrs. Tash and French.

Research — Mrs. Predmore, chairman; French, Johnson and Wisniewski.

Special Insurance — Shaw, chairman; Rowand, Mrs. Predmore and French.

Supplies- Johnson, chairman; Rowand, Mrs. Tash, Aaron and Mrs. Predmore.

Athletics — Wisniewski, chairman; Johnson, French and Rowand.

On motion of Aaron a resolution continuing, the athletic program was amended to require that all pupils participating first receive medical examination from the school physician.


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