Scores Marvel and Mrs. Hyland

Camden Courier-Post – February 21, 1936

To the Editor:

Sir — Well, well so Albert says Harry L. Maloney has misled the Democratic party. Well, if Maloney has done that will someone tell me what Al Marvel and Emma E. Hyland have done to the Democrats of Camden county? Whenever Mrs. Hyland wanted anything done in the county committee Al Marvel sent out cards for a meeting only to those who they knew Mrs. Hyland could meet at the door and shake hands with and say, “Don’t forget to vote our way tonight.”

When Marie Kelly would make a motion they knew they had to vote in favor of it because they did not dare to get up and express themselves. No, because if they did they were done. Mrs. Hyland knew who said yes and who said no. Well, let me tell you here was one committeewoman who was never afraid to get up and say something when I knew I was right. That is why I never got a job. Oh yes, I forgot, Harry Maloney did put me in the home loan, but Emma Hyland came along and had me removed, but when I was running for state committee she sent Mr. King out to our house three times in one week to come back, but I did not go back.

Everyone knows the story of the day in Trenton when Governor Moore was put in office. We had a banner, the Eleventh Ward Woman’s Democratic Club, and 60 women in line. Emma Hyland ordered me to take the banner out of line.

Did we? — not much.

Mrs. Hyland told me she did not need the Democrats in the Eleventh Ward. Well, she sure did need them and so we need all Democrats, not only Al Marvel, Emma Hyland and a few others who call themselves the Democratic party.

Helen M. Rush

219 Pierce Avenue


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