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Camden Courier-Post – March 29, 1930

Eight-Year Controversy over Property of Former Detective Ends Here

An eight-year controversy over the estate of former City Detective George Murry, one time alleged vice czar of the Third Ward, ended yesterday when Wife No.2 withdrew her claims.

Murry, who died under mysterious circumstances on the eve of going on trial for graft January 29, 1922, died intestate and Cora J. Murry, who claimed to be his wife, applied for letters of administration. She was the mother of 10 children of the detective. She since has remarried, her name now being Butler.

Elizabeth Murry came forward after the man’s death and made a claim that she was the real widow and the other woman was only the detective’s common law wife.

Former State Senator Albert S. Woodruff yesterday withdrew Elizabeth Murry’s claim in the estate and Judge Shay granted letters of administration to Cora J. Murry Butler upon application of Surrogate George W. Whyte.

Murry’s sudden death caused a sensation in political and police circles. He had been accused of offering protection to gambling dives, dope sellers and disorderly house proprietors for which he was said to have received large sums of money.

It was reported at the time of his death that he drew $200,000 from a bank the day before and gave it to the Butler woman. He once was reputed to have owned nearly all of the property in the Third Ward tenderloin.

The inventory filed in the application for administration papers, however, shows but $2000 in real estate as visible assets.


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