Serious Charges by Defeated Candidate

Philadelphia Inquirer – June 12, 1897

Freedom C. Lippincott Claims That Philadelphia Repeaters Voted in Camden.


Committee of One Hundred Starts on a New Tack in Its Efforts to Oust City Treasurer Felton – A Bond iFled [sic].

Another move was made yesterday by counsel for Freedom C. Lippincott, the Committee of One Hundred contestant for the Camden City Treasurership, when petitions were presented to Justice Garrison for a regular contest. He granted a hearing in the matter to take place before Judge Miller on July 10. George G. Felton holds the City Treasurership by the narrow margin of eleven majority, which was fixed after a recount of four wards. Now Mr. Lippincott wants the entire vote recounted.

The petitioner contests the election on the grounds of mal-conduct, fraud and corruption on the part of some of the members of the Registry Board in one of the wards sufficient to change the result; that illegal votes for Felton were cast and received, and that legal votes for Lippincott were rejected, and for error in the Board of Canvassers in counting the votes.

The petition also sets forth that seventeen ballots for Lippincott were rejected in the First precinct of the Ninth ward because they had the wrong precinct on the back.

The most serious charge in the petition is the allegation that fifteen repeaters were taken to the polls by Policeman George Anderson and E. B. McClong and given Felton tickets to vote. Accompanying the petition are affidavits of men who claim Philadelphia as their place of residence and who say they voted in Camden, although they were never qualified voters in the State of New Jersey. The names of the alleged repeaters and the names they voted on are given.

Lippincott filed a bond for $300 to carry on the contest, with Cooper B. Hatch and Volney G. Bennett as vouchers.

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