Skated from Camden to Trenton

Camden Post – January 29, 1881

This post is copied from, or based on, the writings of Rick Grenda in his Facebook Group, About South Jersey.

HUMPHREYS. – George W. Humphreys, skated on Saturday from the mouth of Cooper’s Creek, Camden, to the Delaware bridge at Trenton, a distance of between 38 and 40 miles, in 3 hours and 40 minutes, beating the best time ever made on the Delaware — which was 4 hours — on February 19, 1875. He started at 1.35p.m., reached Riverton at 2.10, Burlington at 3.01 and Trenton at 5.45. The time was taken by men station at the points named. The wind was generally dead against him, and the ice in many places quite route, with large breaks in the river.


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