Stolen Goods Cost Man $50 In Fine

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CamdenCourier-Post – June 8, 1933

Pleas Received by Shay as 20 Cases Come Up in Criminal Court

A South Camden man charged with receiving stolen goods was fined $50 by Judge Samuel M. Shay in Criminal Court yesterday. He was charged with disposing of several cartons of cigarettes allegedly stolen from chain grocery stores.

He is Joseph Sepicato, 21, of 251 Mt. Vernon street whose plea of not guilty was among a total of 20 cases listed to be heard.

Three men charged with robbing a Pennsylvania railroad freight car of 144 pairs of shoes and a bale of wash cloths near Fish House entered pleas of not guilty. They are William Kirk, Harold and George Walters.

Two men arrested with Kirk and the Walters brothers are now serving prison terms after conviction. They are William Hibbell, and Herbert Pratt, who were given six and 18 months sentences respectively by Judge Shay several weeks ago.

Other pleas on, indictments returned by the April term grand jury include: Charles Joslin, Dominic Groge and Anthony Scott who pleaded not guilty to breaking and entering and larceny; William Shinn, guilty of breaking and entering; Phillip Winters, not guilty to charges of, non support; Raymond Ballinger, James Vennell, Nick Simone and Walter Hunt, all pleaded not guilty to charges of statutory offenses.

Spencer Murray pleaded not guilty to receiving stolen goods; Harry Clipper, entered a plea of guilty charges of tampering with a meter.

Joseph Smitka and Theodore Gahricki, alias Theodore Chaney both pleaded guilty to larceny charges and receiving stolen goods. William Di Paolo, I.J. Lewis, William Baxter and Charles Atkins pleaded not guilty to charges of assault and battery; James Cox entered a plea of not guilty to a breaking and entering charge


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