The Morning Post – October 29, 1935

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From the late 1920s when the Camden Courier bought out the old Camden Post-Telegram until the late 1940s, the Courier-Post newspaper published a morning and evening edition, named, appropriately enough, the Morning Post and the Evening Courier.

Phil happened to acquire a complete edition of the October 29, 1935 Morning Post in May of 2012. These are available on microfilm, however, the microfilm versions are less than satisfactory when it comes to showing photographs. Phil took advantage of the opportunity to do something he had not attempted before… reproduce an entire newspaper.

In conversion to this site, we then converted his images to PDF, made them searchable, and present them here!

For some additional context, also on this date, according to Wikipedia:

  • Mussolini proclaimed food restrictions, going into effect November 5, in order to fight the effects of boycotting and sanctions. Butcher shops were to close on Tuesdays and were forbidden from selling beef, veal, mutton, lamb or pork on Wednesdays. Since butcher shops already usually closed on Thursdays and most Italians refrained from eating meat on Fridays, the decree amounted to a half-week ban on meat.
  • Nazi Germany partially lifted the February 21 gag order on Jewish philosopher Martin Buber. He was permitted to continue his teaching activities as they promoted the emigration of young Jews to Palestine.
  • Only a few days before, Dutch Schultz was fatally shot in Newark, New Jersey by Murder, Inc hitmen. His “treasure” of approximately $7 million in cash and bonds, placed in a waterproof and airtight safe, has never been found.


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