The New Police Force

Philadelphia Inquirer – April 19, 1871

On Thursday, the newly-appointed police force of Camden will receive their stars and uniforms, and enter upon the discharge of their duties. The following is the corrected list of officers:


  • First Ward — John I. Smith, Charles M. Hay, Thomas E. Mason.
  • Second Ward — James W. Ayres, Daniel Johntry, Charles Catting.
  • Third Ward — William Chambers, Theodore W. Jones, Abraham Lower.
  • Fourth Ward — William H. Hawkins, William D. Middleton, Thos H. Cols.
  • Fifth Ward – John W. Campbell, Smuel Mortland, William A White.
  • Sixth Ward – John J. Brown, Jesse C. Chew, Cornelius N. Brown.
  • Seventh Ward. — Joseph Muinbaeck, Jacob Hefflenger, Miles Morgan.
  • Eight Ward – Henry L. Johnson, William Campbell, William Howard.

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