The Same Police

Camden Post – November 4, 1876

This morning Mayor Morgan reappointed the old force. They are as follows:

  • First ward – John McCormick and John Dunn.
  • Chief of Police – W.H. Heinsing.
  • Second ward – George Gardiner and Joseph Pike.
  • Third ward – Isaac Hires and Samuel Hankinson.
  • Fourth ward – George Anderson and George A. Tenner.
  • Fifth ward – Patrick Gallagher and Benjamin Smith.
  • Sixth ward – Joseph C. Sloan and Thos. Heffernan.
  • Seventh ward – Charles Smith and Francis Souders.
  • Eight ward – Isaac Ferris and Frederick M. Chamberlain [sic]

After the officers were sworn in the Mayor made a pleasing talk to them as to their duties while he is in office. He instructed them that he should require efficient service, close attention to duty and proper discrimination in its discharge.

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