Thieves Routed by Chickens Rob Second Place of Same Man

Chicken Rooster - AI Stock Photo

Camden Courier-Post – June 14, 1933

Robbers believed to have been frightened away from a butter and egg storage house in Collingswood when chickens made an uproar, continued their search for provisions and looted a warehouse owned by the same man in Fairview.

A. R. Lane, 101 Ardmore Terrace, produce man, reported yesterday he was awakened last night by the noise of the chickens he had penned up near his storage house. Two ends of the pen were knocked down, Lane said, and he believes thieves fled when the chickens became frightened.

This morning Lane discovered that the storage house at 2766 Congress Road had been entered by thieves, and butter, cheese and eggs valued at more than $100 had been taken.

The Fairview plant, he said, was entered during the storm. The thieves trampled the municipal gardens of unemployed in Fairview to reach the storage house, where a window was removed. Neighbors reported a touring car was seen parked near the warehouse during the storm.

The thieves took two 50-pound cases of butter, one case containing four large cheeses, 400 small cheeses averaging about five pounds each, three cases of eggs, each containing 30 dozen, and one case of salad dressing in pint jars. Lane said the thieves were experienced in produce for they replaced eggs that had been removed from the cases. F. F. Lane is in charge of the Fairview storage house.


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