Thompson endorsed by firefighters

CAMDEN - A fraternal organization of city firefighters has endorsed Mayor Aaron Thompson's bid for re-election.

By KEVIN RIORDAN, Courier-Post Staff

Camden Courier-Post – May 4, 1993

CAMDEN – A fraternal organization of city firefighters has endorsed Mayor Aaron Thompson’s bid for re-election.

“The mayor has moved the city forward,” Frank McGuckin, president of Local 5 of the Fireman’s Mutual Benevolent Association, said during a City Hall press conference Monday.

He cited the construction of a new fire station at Broadway and Liberty Street and the purchase of new fire equipment and said, “Mayor Thompson has demonstrated his ability to stand up to the political bossism of (county Democratic Party chairman) George Norcross III. The mayor will not cave in to political pressure.”

Thompson has been dumped by the city Democrats, who have endorsed schools Superintendent Arnold Webster in the June 8 Democratic primary. Other candidates are Charles Ashley, Joseph Carroll, and Dwayne Davis. Republican candidates are Ella Hilton, Geraldine Ratleff and Keith Walker.

The mayor said he did not receive his party’s endorsement because he resisted efforts by Norcross and others to interfere in city affairs. Norcross has long maintained that he does not involve himself in such matters, and has described Thompson’s administration as “embarrassing.”

Thompson said he welcomed the endorsement from the 45-member organization—the first his reelection campaign has received.


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