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Camden Courier-Post – February 28, 1936

The regular weekly luncheon of the American Legion Luncheon Club was held at the Hotel Walt Whitman last Monday with Townsend H. Boyer, chairman, presiding. Boyer introduced John Carl, commander of the Murray-Trout Post No. 262, of Audubon and also principal of the Audubon High School.

Commander Carl talked on the life of George Washington. Albert M. Bean, of Thoirs Post No. 47, superintendent of county schools, spoke on the life of Abraham Lincoln. Among guests were County Commander Walter F. Keane, Vice County Commander John Armstrong, Past Department Commander C. Richard Allen and Past Department Commander Frank A. Matthews, Jr., State Rehabilitation Officer Samuel Gaskill, Past Commander George Seybold of Thoirs Post, Commander Herbert Harper, of Public Service Post No. 231, Frank Anderson of Thoirs Post, Charles Dietz, Graves Registration Chairman of Camden County; Cass Piez, of Audubon Post.

The luncheon club meets every Monday at the hotel at 1.30 p. m. Legionnaires and their friends are invited to stop in.


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