Voodoo Doctor’s List Of Murders

Mysterious memoranda, which name persons listed “to go” and others “to be ruined,” have been uncovered by police.

Helena Independent, Helena, Montana – April 11, 1925

Kept Data on People Slated “To Go”

Camden, N. J., April 10. – Mysterious memoranda, which name persons listed "to go" and others "to be ruined," have been uncovered by police, while investigating the home of the 71-year-old negro, who, police say, was an alleged voodoo doctor.

"The doctor" calls himself "the Reverend Ebbinger H. H. Hyghcock.” He was held without bail after the finding in tunnels and caverns beneath his home of bodies of two infants and bones of an arm. He told police today he had been married five times and is father of 37 children.

The notes discovered today bore no addresses. "Mary and Jim are both to go," one entry read.

"Miss Mattic Gibson – her husband, Alfred, must be ruined," “Thomas Herring and Laura Herring are to go as far as God’s winds and waters will carry," were other entries

Hint at Killing

Hyghcock was held by the police after his 7-year-old daughter asserted her father had shot a "light colored" woman and had buried her in a cemetery here. The father denied the child’s narrative saying she, had "great imaginations."


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