Wiretap Evidence Is Studied In Case Against Reginelli

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Camden Courier-Post – October 27, 1955

U.S. Seeks Mob Ties In Move to Revoke His Citizenship

Wiretap evidence against Philadelphia mobs is being examined by immigration agents in an effort to strip Marco Reginelli, South Jersey gambling czar, of his citizenship.

The investigation was revealed when Samuel Horowitz, of the Bureau of Immigration and Naturalization legal staff, conferred with District Attorney Samuel Dash and police officials in Philadelphia.

Immigration officials expect hundreds of reels of tape-recorded telephone conversations obtained by Philadelphia police will provide evidence linking Reginelli to racket mobs in Philadelphia, it was learned. Such evidence would be used in the Government’s fight against the citizenship granted to Reginelli on June 21 by the Atlantic County Court.

Reginelli was granted citizenship in Atlantic County, which has no Federal court, after three Federal courts elsewhere had refused him citizenship. The citizenship conferred by the county court was subject to a Federal examiner’s approval.

Before Reginelli was sworn as a citizen he faced deportation to his native Italy as an undesirable.


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