Walt Whitman

Walt Whitman Portrait, courtesy The Courier-Post.

WALT WHITMAN, Camden’s “Good Grey Poet,” the life of whom a subject that has been written on at length by many. Rather than rehash much that is to be read elsewhere, presented will be things of interest concerning Whitman, his life and times in and around Camden, and comments by those who knew him and other contemporaries.

One aspect of Whitman that is far off the literary track is the use of his name and image for commercial purposes after his death. The Hotel Walt Whitman, the Walt Whitman Stores grocery chain and the assorted canned and packaged food items distributed under the “Walt Whitman” and “Poet” brand by Camden Grocer Exchange are probably the best remembered examples. Not to be forgotten is the Walt Whitman Bridge over the Delaware River. One has to wonder how many of those who cross the bridge daily know who Whitman was, and of that number, how many have read any of his poetry.


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