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  • Carl F. Kellman

    Carl F. Kellman

    Carl F. Kellman was born in 1894 to parents Louise D.” Lulu” and Carl L. Kellman. He was the eldest among his siblings, Helen, Frederick, and Alma. Carl L. Kellman, originally from Germany, immigrated to the United States in 1891, where he met and married Louise, who was born in Pennsylvania in 1870. The Kellman…

  • Harry J. Allebach

    Harry J. Allebach

    Harry J. Allebach was born on November 24, 1897, in Norristown, PA. He married Consuelo Elverson around 1917. According to the 1920 Census, they resided at 2913 High Street in East Camden, along with their daughter Frances, in his mother-in-law’s home. At that time, Harry worked as an electrician at a “car shop,” likely referring…