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  • 34th Street

    34th Street

    Thirty-Fourth Street extends from the Delaware River southward, crossing River Road to the Pavonia railroad switching yard. It continues from Westfield Avenue to Federal Street, with a brief interruption by a rail line at Rosedale Avenue. Proceeding from Federal Street, it extends to Highland Avenue at the Pennsauken border. Following the standard naming convention for…

  • Israel B. Adams, Jr.

    ISRAEL BUTLER ADAMS JR. was born on October 23, 1859, one of twelve children born to Israel and Adeline Cox Adams. The elder Adams was a farmer. By the spring of 1860 the family was living in Camden County’s Stockton Township, quite possibly in or near the Delair section of what is now Pennsauken. His…

  • Boy’s Brutal Murderer Collapses At Hearing

    Boy’s Brutal Murderer Collapses At Hearing

    Two men were charged with killing an 18-year-old. The victim volunteered to escort two young ladies home and was shot by the two men when he was returning. The murder was brutal and, initially, the police had no clue where to start the investigation.