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Ten Retired Camden Police Praised, Receive Gold Badges
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Ten Retired Camden Policemen Praised, Receive Gold Badges

Camden Courier-Post May 7, 1958 – Ten retired members of the Camden Police Department answered their last roll call Tuesday night.

Drop-a-Buck Club Organizes Drive 1 of 3
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Drop-a-Buck Club Organizes Drive To Aid Needy Families at Christmas

The first phase of the program the for needy families of the city through the Drop-a-Buck Club went into operation Thursday when a group of volunteers started distribution of collection containers to the taverns of the city.

CAMDEN PUBLIC WORKS DIRECTOR ABBOTT had his day Thursday. It was his birthday and more than 100 friends helped him celebrate it at a party at Vasco's Third and Pine Streets. Left to right, front row are Mrs. Lena Rago, Democratic Committee-woman of the fifth ward; Abbott and Mrs. Abbott; standing, former Prosecutor Gene R. Mariano, Anthony M. Lario, city prosecutor, and Dominick Lombardo, former deputy sheriff.
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100 Friends Honor Director Abbott At Birthday Fete

Camden Courier-Post – June 2, 1950
Public Works Director Abbott had a birthday Thursday and more than 100 of his friends and associates helped him celebrate it at a surprise dinner.