Drop-a-Buck Club Organizes Drive To Aid Needy Families at Christmas

Drop-a-Buck Club Organizes Drive 1 of 3

Camden Courier-Post – November 6, 1953

Drop-a-Buck Club Organizes Drive To Aid Needy Families at Christmas

The first phase of the program the for needy families of the city through the Drop-a-Buck Club went into operation Thursday when a group of volunteers started distribution of collection containers to the taverns of the city.

The Drop-a-Buck Club, which has been caring for the Christmas needs of under-privileged families of the city since 1949, plans to distribute similar containers to business houses, factories, and other public buildings in the area.

Distribution of the containers to the taverns has been backed by the Camden Beverage and Restaurant Association.

The association has volunteered to sponsor a dinner for officers and charter members of the Drop-a-Buck Club to form a kickoff for the 1953 campaign. The dinner will be held Dec 1 at Kenney’s Restaurant.

Everything Donated

Distribution of the containers is being carried out by a group of volunteers headed by Walter N. Carley, Leon B. Niewinski, Jules, Kornberger, Thomas Kenney Sr. and Albert Kornberger.

The jar containers, printing, and decorations were all donated. Taking part in the donations were Police Capt. Anthony Skolski, Patrolman Joseph Lack, Carter Paper Co., Walter Heim and Samuel Payne.

Deputy Mayor Malandra, chairman of the Drop-a-Buck Club drive committee, announced today that William Rohrer, Chevrolet auto dealer and a member of the board of trustees for the club, has volunteered space for campaign headquarters. Rohrer has offered the club the use of a new showroom on Federal St. at 15th.

“This generous offer by Bill Rohrer,” Malandra said, “is typical of the volunteer support given by citizens of the community from all walks of life to the Drop-a-Buck Club drive.

More Families in Need

“From all indications, this year will reveal more families in need of help for Christmas since the club started in 1949.

“We are prepared to do our job, but we need the entire support of the community.” Malandra said a special meeting of the officers and trustees of the club will be held at the drive headquarters next Friday to launch the fund drive.

Officers of the Drop-a-Buck Club for the 1953 campaign, in addition to Malandra, are Joseph J. McComb, chairman of the Central Labor Union, vice chairman, and Lawrence J. Wisely, of The Courier-Post secretary-treasurer.

Frank H. Ryan, editor of The Courier-Post, chairman of the board of trustees, which is composed of William A. Stretch, general manager and treasurer of The Courier-Post; Director of Public Safety George Aaron; Deputy Director of Public Affairs Garrity, William Rohrer, mayor of Haddon Township; Edward Goldsmith, manager of Yellow Cab Co.; Welfare Director Logan, Police Inspector Willard Schriver, John McCloskey and Dominic Sasso, labor leaders; William J. Myles, Edward Brewer, Julian Masso and Thomas Kenney Sr.


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