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  • History of the First Methodist Episcopal Church

    History of the First Methodist Episcopal Church

    From The Centennial History of Camden Methodism, 1909 1809 was truly the “annus mirabilis.” That year chronicles the advent of the immortal Alfred Tennyson, the never-to-be-forgotten Oliver Wendell Holmes, the Grand Old Man, William Ewart Gladstone, and the best type of American manhood that ever lived — Abraham Lincoln. These facts alone would have made…

  • Clayton Truax

    Clayton Truax

    Born on December 11, 1814, in Gloucester City, Clayton Truax relocated to Camden in 1833 and began his apprenticeship as a shoemaker under Reilly Barrett. Establishing a prosperous shoe store in the 300 block of Arch Street, Truax achieved success in his trade. While his name is often spelled as “Trueax” in contemporary articles, it…

  • Camden’s Mayors

    Camden’s Mayors

    1828 – 2023 Mayor Term Political Party Samuel Lanning 1828-1830 Gideon V. Stivers 1830-1838 Elias Kaighn 1838-1840 Lorenzo F. Fisler 1840-1844 John K. Cowperthwaite 1844-1845 Richard W. Howell (Declined) Charles Kaighn 1845-1846 Thomas B. Wood 1846-1848 Benjamin A. Hammell 1848-1849 Charles Sexton 1849-1851 Lorenzo F. Fisler 1851-1852 Charles D. Hineline 1852-1853 Lorenzo F. Fisler 1853-1855…