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  • Time and Place Lounge

    Time and Place Lounge

    1199 Chase Street The building at 1199 Chase Street, in the heart of what was the predominantly Polish Whitman Park section of Camden, was the home of a saloon as early as 1918. Joseph Brzozowski was the proprietor then, and remained as such through 1921. City Directories from 1924 through 1928 list Simon Sochanski as…

  • Three Alarm Fire at the Ivy Hill Apartments

    Three Alarm Fire at the Ivy Hill Apartments

    January 13, 2014 This page and the other pages in this series are the successors to the series of web-page about the Camden Fire Department. On this and other pages in the series you will find pictures and information regarding different events and aspects of the fire service in Camden, New Jersey. The retirements at…