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Herbert Allen Sampson – Oral History

…;She sent me down to the school nurse. What was you drinking yesterday? You act like your drunk to me.” The nurse said that. I said, “Oh, no.”

Up until today it appeared that James Patrick Sullivan (shown [here] with his mother, Mrs. Cornelius Sullivan) was the first baby to be born in Camden during the New Year. James Patrick arrived at 8:00 o’clock on January.1. Today, however, it became known that Doris Ruth Stackhouse arrived in East Camden at 2:00 o’clock Sunday morning, beating James Patrick to it by six hours. As they used to say in the old circus chariot races: "The lady wins."
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Not 1928’s First Born After All

A contest which nearly every employee of the city health department is earnestly watching has been started in the bureau of vital statistics in city hall.