Not 1928’s First Born After All

Up until today it appeared that James Patrick Sullivan (shown [here] with his mother, Mrs. Cornelius Sullivan) was the first baby to be born in Camden during the New Year. James Patrick arrived at 8:00 o’clock on January.1. Today, however, it became known that Doris Ruth Stackhouse arrived in East Camden at 2:00 o’clock Sunday morning, beating James Patrick to it by six hours. As they used to say in the old circus chariot races: "The lady wins."

Fond Parent Seek Honors For City's First 1928 Baby

Who is Camden's first 1928 baby?

A contest which nearly every employee of the city health department is earnestly watching has been started in the bureau of vital statistics in city hall.

Up to the present time the honor had been bestowed on the daughter of Lara and Russell Stackhouse, a young East Camden couple. Their child, which is the first in the family, will be named Doris Ruth Stackhouse. The baby was born at 2:00 o'clock on New Year's morning at their home, 1015 North Nineteenth Street.

The contest which is being waged started this morning with a letter to Dr. A. L. Stone, health director, from Mrs. Charles Dean, 19 Fogarty Avenue. In the communication she said the health department had been wrong in naming James Patrick Sullivan, 1008 Division Street, the first baby. She said that her son was born at 5:30 AM thereby making the child Camden's first 1928 baby.

Dr. Stone had scarcely read the letter and was about to announce the change when the report of the Stackhouse baby was handed to him.

“This is beyond me,” said the health director. I will now pronounce this child as Camden's official first 1928 baby.”

He explained, however, that his decision was subject to change if he received reports of any children born earlier.

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