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  • Israel B. Adams, Jr.

    ISRAEL BUTLER ADAMS JR. was born on October 23, 1859, one of twelve children born to Israel and Adeline Cox Adams. The elder Adams was a farmer. By the spring of 1860 the family was living in Camden County’s Stockton Township, quite possibly in or near the Delair section of what is now Pennsauken. His…

  • Fireman Goes Insane

    Fireman Goes Insane

    Philadelphia Inquirer – August 30, 1916 Firemen connected with the Twenty-seventh and Federal streets engine house, Camden, were taken by some surprise when one of their number, Israel Adams announced he had been promoted a captain, and ordered them to get ready to accompany him to another house. His actions became so peculiar that a…

  • Changes Among Camden Firemen

    Changes Among Camden Firemen

    Philadelphia Inquirer – December 1, 1916 There are a number of changes that become effective in Camden’s Fire Department today. Charles Fitzsimmons, Jr., will become a lieutenant to fill the vacancy occasioned by the removal of Israel Adams owing to physical infirmities. Irwin Price, of the Sixth ward, takes the place of William McCauley, dismissed,…

  • East Side Notes

    East Side Notes

    Firemen “Bobby” Gick, Scott, Franklin, Israel Adams, and William Randall and Adam Hinkle, who went on a fishing trip down the bay to Ship John Light, on board the sloop yacht, William B. Hill, have returned with a good coat of tan and plenty of the denizens of the deep, including a big mess of…

  • Alleged Threat to Shoot

    Alleged Threat to Shoot

    Philadelphia Inquirer – October 18, 1897 William Lore was arrested in Stockton late Saturday night, charged with threatening to Shoot Israel Adams, proprietor of a saloon on Federal street.