East Side Notes

Camden Post-Telegram – September 12, 1904

Firemen “Bobby” Gick, Scott, Franklin, Israel Adams, and William Randall and Adam Hinkle, who went on a fishing trip down the bay to Ship John Light, on board the sloop yacht, William B. Hill, have returned with a good coat of tan and plenty of the denizens of the deep, including a big mess of crabs. The party on aching home pitched their tent on the North Cramer Hill shore and entertained a number of friends, who had come to welcome them home. They had a “jolly good time.”‘

Everything is in readiness for the “Gmeindefest,”” or church anniversary, to be held by the German Lutheran Churst Church, at Hoosey’s Park, next Sunday, Services will be held at 10.30 a.m. and 2.30 p.m., when a number of visiting ministers will preach. The affair will be in charge of the pastor, Rev. Paul Kline, and dinner and supper will be served on the grounds.

The lecture given at Bethany Baptist Church, on Wednesday evening was very successful, despite the inclement weather. Those who heard J. R. Dill, a representative of the National Reform Association, and Rev. Joseph Foiwell, a blind theological student, speak, were well repaid for venturing. out in the storm. Mr. Dill’s subject was “Christian Education Necessary to Christ and Civilization.”

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