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Knox Gelatine Dainty Desserts - Salads - Candies
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Knox Gelatine Company

Knox Gelatin Co., originally known as the Landesman Co., had its beginnings in early 20th-century Camden, at 4th and Erie streets.

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City Industry – Tracking History

Just 100 years ago Camden was a thriving, prosperous industrial metropolis and the future looked bright for this river city.

John Tisa
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John Tisa

John Tisa was a member of the Young People’s Socialist League, the Socialist Party and various other movements, including leading union strikes in Camden.

The Hurley Store on Broadway, a great big structure conducted on progressive lines as is proven by the manner in which the buying public bestows its patronage. The Hurley service has become a byword with thousands of South Jersey families. its occupants.
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Various industries in Camden, circa 1929

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Workman Injured Seriously in Cave at Camden Plant

One workman was trapped and seriously injured, while two others scrambled to safety when a seven-foot pipeline trench collapsed at the Kind & Knox Gelatin Co.