Workman Injured Seriously in Cave at Camden Plant

Worker Injured - AI Stock Photo

Camden Evening Courier – July 28, 1951

One workman was trapped and seriously injured, while two others scrambled to safety when a seven-foot pipeline trench collapsed Thursday in the yard of the Kind & Knox Gelatin Co., Fifth and Erie Streets.

Lewis Edwards, 45, of 934 North 2nd Street, was buried up to his armpits tons of earth when the cave in occurred at 3:00 PM. Doctors at Cooper Hospital said he suffered several cracked ribs, shock, and possible internal injuries.

The Fire Department Rescue Squad from Fifth and Arch aided company employees in digging Edwards out after more than ten minutes of partial entombment.

Dr, Thomas B. Downey, vice president of the company, said the accident occurred while a new pipeline in the plant was being laid on the Fifth Street side.

“The side walls undoubtedly were caused to collapse by vibrations set up by several heavy trucks which were using the street at the time,” Dr, Downey aid.

The two other workmen in the trench with Edwards were not immediately identified, but both scrambled to safety before the crumbling earth caught them.


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